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Four classes are offered at Language Lane, August through May
Tuesday and Thursday 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. = 3 year old class
Tuesday and Thursday p.m. = Pending times and age grouping.
Monday-Wednesday-Friday 8:30 to 11:30 a.m. = 4 year old class
Monday-Wednesday-Friday p.m. = Pending times and age grouping.
Morning or afternoon classes may be requested by parents, as openings are available on a first come, first serve basis.


Our facility was designed for an "open concept", rather than divided rooms: This plan enables the teachers to view their students as they move to different learning locations. The students can easily communicate with each of their teachers, as well.

Frequent outside excursions are planned on various parts of our 40+ acres to explore and learn, in coordination with the current literature-based theme. Inside, our students have daily physical activities to enhance both fine and gross motor skills.

A special feature at Language Lane Preschool is our one-way mirror, where parents are encouraged to watch their child's interaction with peers and teachers, without the distraction that typically is caused by their presence.


Speech/language is a primary focus. We want our students to feel confident explaining ideas, sequencing events, choosing different words to use, learning new vocabulary, problem solving, story retelling and negotiating, as well as developing appropriate articulation skills. Literature is a key element in developing language skills and books are an essential part of each day.

Academic skills, in preparation for kindergarten, are equally important here. We provide motivating approaches to enhance full enjoyment of all academic areas so that our graduates make a smooth, confident and successful transition to kindergarten.

Kindness and caring are important elements at Language Lane. "Hurtful words or actions" are unacceptable. Our preschool graduates know how to be respectful and courteous to everyone and have been encouraged to use good manners with both peers and adults. As a result, the children establish close relationships and good friendships.

Roses Hypothisis Anything?

Preschool Day

Our preschooler's day is outlined in the Parent Handbook, which is provided free of charge to the parent of each enrolled child. This outline is followed on most days so that parents are encouraged to drop-in to observe a particular part of their child's day. However, it is not "set-in-stone"; the beauty of teaching is in grasping the moment. If an individual group becomes fascinated by a bluebird taking twigs to the school birdhouse, an immediate science lesson on nest-construction becomes a timely substitute for that in the lesson plan.

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