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Family Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in their children’s preschool activities/events as often as possible. A parent support group, which meets regularly, is a strong part of our school.

Communication that is good and positive is crucial here. Most parents have the chance to interact with teachers on a daily basis. Monthly newsletters and weekly notes are provided by teachers. Parent-staff conferences are scheduled twice per year or more, as requested.

Spring Play Thank you
Parents are welcome to either schedule observations or drop-in for a class visit. In addition, Dads have a special-occasion day to attend Language Lane with his child.

After attending a live theatre, L.L. students may participate in writing their own play. Both parents and grandparents are welcome to attend our formal an informal performances, in which students can choose to portray a specific characters and learn specific lines. Our curriculum objectives involving auditory memory skills and confidence in front of an audience are typically achieved by the end of each of our children’s enrollment.

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